About Zappi's Pizza & Pasta

We want to tell you about Zappi's Pizza & Pasta. Our beloved pizzeria was established in 1971 by Connie and Tony Zappitelli. Zappi's grew with several locations and full-sized restaurants catering mostly to local families.

The Zappitellis believed in maintaining a high level of quality in their cuisine and used only the best and purest ingredients. In 1986 they retired from the restaurant business but were continually approached by past patrons, both locally and from out of town who said how much they miss the food and how many good memories they had growing up with Zappi's. There is plenty more info located on the Zappi's Blog at https://zappispizzeria.blogspot.com/2021/10/the-history-of-zappis.html !

Zappi's Mascot

Their son, Albert Zappitelli, realized that he also missed these wonderful people and as of August 2002, has rekindled the tradition of Zappi's Pizza & Pasta with his family. Now nestled in the towering Fallsview Tourist Area, this little pizza joint is a big hit with locals and vacationers alike. With checkered table clothes, a warm, yellow interior and kitsch accents, it has touristy appeal, without seeming to be over-the-top.

Zappi's, since Connie and Tony Zappitelli opened it in 1971, boasts a fun family atmosphere, plenty of space for all the kids, and great pizza pies. Their ooey-gooey pizzas are loaded with sauce and cheese and generously sprinkled with toppings. Zappi's Pizza & Pasta also serves up great-tasting subs, calzones, and plates of pasta.

We invite you to visit us soon. We know you'll be back again and again!